Prototype Part
Wood L Style Low Volume Production and Prototype

A low cost L style fixture based on our technology from our production versions. Ideally suited for low part quantities these fixtures are made to nominal position. CAD designed and CNC machined bring high accuracy to your proto & short run departments.

They are inexpensively modified when engineering changes occur. In some cases we can send you the new parts and a skilled person in your shop can install them in minutes! You won’t have to worry any more if your fixtures are still accurate after sitting on the shelf for a month. More stable than typical pine and spruce fixtures.

Available with certificate of accuracy. Fixture base must be clamped to surface of good know flatness for best results.

For low volume and prototype runs TGIF Inc can supply this wood fixture the same day we receive your order. If we receive you CAD data by 7 am EST, 10 point fixtures can ship via courier of you choice by 4pm same day. Some restrictions apply. Contact TGIF Inc before placing order.

"Bringing Value to the Wire and Tube Bending Industry."