Wood Bonded to Aluminum
Wood L Fixture - Production

An industry standard, L fixtures are an ideal comprise between checking production parts and for use as a tool to verify bender adjustments.  TGIF’s fixture encompasses a whole new approach to making a checking fixture that has greater dimensional stability not attainable with conventional mahogany check fixtures.  Not just a material difference or process change our check fixtures follow a strict design & manufacture methodology based on science and experience to provide a superior product. 

Our clean sheet approach offers features not available in conventional mahogany fixtures.  High accuracy and high dimensional stability will revive your operator’s faith in wood gauges. 

Available in modules of 4x8’ TGIF Inc can provide small check fixtures under a week, and in emergencies delivery in 3 days or less.  Some restrictions apply. 

Contact TGIF  Inc before placing order.

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